endings & beginnings

For my New Year’s greeting this year I refer to this sonnet by my poetic alter ego, Freddie Omm:

endings & beginnings31122013_00000For those unable to decipher the handwriting, here’s the text:

endings & beginnings

(in a winter’s garden)


BEGIN with the word that comes first, like light

from a twilit winter’s garden, when soft rainfalls

drop on dewy, leaf-pocked grass, showering bright

like a sudden flow of MOMENTS through the calls

of a goosequilled V tooting past, this starry night…


I sometimes try to freeze TIME, so it stops

and in an INSTANT feel and think all blend

and merge within MOMENTS—consciousness drops

like heaven’s rainfall in a winter garden—

inconsummate, unbegun, word without END,


but now SOMETIMES I forget such somethings,

and in your love I’ve found SEASONS to care

about the here, NOW, not some perfected place where

there are no more ENDINGS and BEGINNINGS.


freddie o

viersen, 29-31 december 2013