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I use the pen-name Freddie Omm for my books.

honour cover 2013 resizedHonour

My first thriller, Honour, was published in March 2012 and swiftly rose up the Amazon best-seller lists.

Praise for Honour:

“Freddie Omm is that rare beast: a thriller writer with a full arsenal of literary skills… Stylish, sharp and masterful, Honour is a thrill to read… a pleasure on every page.” James Wood

“Ambitious, gripping, compelling, horrifying…” Gillian Carey

“A beautiful, daring, exciting book, a true joy. Honour will be enjoyed by everyone with an interest in the modern world, a love of writing and humanity. Freddie Omm has created a fiery work of wisdom and wit.” Mohammed Qayyum

From the blurb:

When his brothers in faith kick off a campaign of murderous havoc and honour killing, their pacifist ex-comrade Azeem has to figure out who’s behind it, re-evaluate his ideals, and save his lover from a lovelorn sheikh, without getting himself killed. A fast-paced, darkly humorous thriller, Honour is a controversial meditation on modern evil.

“Intelligent, shocking, darkly funny, Honour is an edgy, modern thriller about love and terror – men who kill for honour, and the girls who “drive them to it.” Full of suspense, compassionate, satirical and sharp, this page-turner will appeal to lovers of intelligent thrillers and the films of Tarantino and the Coen brothers…”

You can buy Honour (ebooks and paper) at:

Amazon Germany     Amazon UK    Amazon USA    Barnes & Noble

My next thriller, The Trashman, will be published later this year.

I have also contributed to a book of short stories, Words to Music, also available at Amazon via my writer’s pages:

Freddie Omm Germany

Freddie Omm Amazon UK

Freddie Omm Amazon USA

Freddie Omm Barnes & Noble

My translation of Wellen (Waves) a pioneering Impressionistic masterpiece by Eduard von Keyserling (a distant kinsman), will be the first ever in English. It is being published in installments by Mad Bear Books.


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